12 months in and I’m quite concerned!

We now have almost 8000 membership cards on our Shop Local Club Card platform, that in itself is an amazing achievement considering that we only launched 12 months ago! £3,534.00 could be lost! We have been getting great feedback about the platform but something has come up that has me very concerned, looking at the […]

Scott from Hamie Dog -Introducing Shop Local Club Card

Saving the High Street

We all know that having a vibrant High Street / Market Street is a sure sign of a healthy local economy and local area. Money spent at local shops has a better chance of remaining in the local are and research has shown that this is as high as 70% stays and circulates in you […]

No Shop, No Problem

Since we launched almost 12 months ago, we have always been asked the question – what about if I don’t have a shop, can I still use the Shop Local Club Card platform for my business? And the answer is a resounding YES! You don’t need a bricks and mortar shop or indeed have a […]