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Increase Footfall

with Shop Local Club Card you can help increase
footfall by providing your customers with great
value rewards, points and vouchers.

Ideal for Shop Local Campaigns

Incorporate our loyalty platform to your Shop Local Campaigns
and help them become even more successful.
Provide your customers with unique rewards.

Find out how local shops, like yours, can now increase footfall,
and make your customers feel valued at the same time!

Shop Local Club Card enables shops of all sizes to digitally connect with their customers through a completely customised rewards program tailored to the personality of each business. Our innovative solution allows businesses to drive customers back more often, establish social connections to increase engagement, encourage customer feedback, target new customers in their local area and gain valuable analytics on local trends.


Scan Membership Card

2. TAP

Tap to issue Stamp and Points

3. GO

Customers can then use this card at all participating shops and register at their convenience.

Give Membership Card to Customer !

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Create your very own Rewards Program

It is a well known fact that loyalty rewards programs have been used to help shops increase footfall and profits.

Join Shop Local Club Card and make your customers feel valued by offering Stamp Cards Rewards and/or Reward Points and Vouchers.

Stamp Cards

Use Stamp Cards to reward customers for the number of times they visit your shop. Examples of uses are “Buy 5 Coffees get 6th Free” or “Buy 9 Pizza’s get the 10th Free” or “Get 10% off on your next Visit”. You can be as creative with your Stamp Cards as you like, you are only limited by your imagination.

Rewards Points & Vouchers

Customers earn points for each pound they spend in your store and you decide what value voucher they receive in return. A typical example is get 1 point for each pound you spend and get £1 voucher for each 100 points collected. You are in full control of how this works in your shop you can make your Rewards Points as generous or reserved as you like.

Flexible (available to ALL your customers)

Your customers can choose to use a single Membership Card, or our Mobile App (available on iPhone and Android), or our Web App to access and monitor their Stamp Cards and Vouchers. This makes your loyalty platform available to ALL your customers. Join now at app.shoplocalclubcard.com

#ShopLocal Digital, Mobile & Social Media Marketing Solution

At Shop Local Club Card we aim to be your marketing partners for your business. With campaigns designed specifically for your local area to make customers aware of your offers and services so that we can help your business grow.

Digital marketing strategies include, Google Display Ads, YouTube videos, Facebook Ads and Twitter campaigns where we have over 17,800 followers!

We also don’t only rely on Digital Marketing but also make customers aware of your offers via local newspaper adverts and leaflets.

A growing community

We have a passion for thriving communities and this does not always involve the local businesses, so please get in touch with us about projects in your area that aim to improve where you live, work and play.

With a growing community of customers and businesses we can help make people aware of a wide variety of developments or even concerns and help you pool support. We are also passionate about sport in the community and would be happy to help advertise the latest rugby or football event.

So feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help where we can.

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