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Saving the High Street

We all know that having a vibrant High Street / Market Street is a sure sign of a healthy local economy and local area. Money spent at local shops has a better chance of remaining in the local are and research has shown that this is as high as 70% stays and circulates in you local area and community.
Research has also shown that customers that belong to a loyalty program are 70% more likely to become brand champions of that companies brand. Traditionally local business owners used paper based loyalty programs or their own unique Point Of Sale system to reward their most loyal customers for their business. This is very cumbersome for customers because they have to remember to carry many loyalty cards with them and most often don’t have the right card at the right time.
This is the reason we created Shop Local Club Card, a single membership or our free mobile app is all you need to be rewarded by all the participating local businesses in your area. Here is a video that one of our business members in the north east has made and he does a good job explaining how easy the mobile app works and why a program like this is needed for today High Streets.
Together we can make a big difference to the High Street!
As always please let me know what you think and if you have any idea’s for our blog please let me know.
Have a great week ahead!
Marcus K. Naidoo
Co-Founder Shop Local Club Card
t: @mknaidoo or @shoplocalclub
f: @ShopLocalClub
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