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Our aim is is provide a world class loyalty and rewards program, like Tesco and Starbucks, to local indie businesses like yours at an affordable price.

You can use Stamp Cards – like ‘Visit us 6 times get 20% Off’ or Points & Vouchers – where customers collect points for each £1 they spend and you give them a Voucher to redeem at their next visit. Your offer will be unique to your business.

Your customers will be be able to use a single membership card and/or our free app to track and monitor their Stamp Cards, Points and Rewards from all participating businesses.

Whats more for every visit recorded on our system to your business your customer will be entered into a £100 monthly cash prize draw.

So what does it cost?

Your customer use our system for free and membership cards are free.

Annual Subscription Charges for businesses

All subscription charges include a Free 30 day trial.

Listing Only – including, Phone, Web, and Location Links £30

Stamp Cards Only – All listing plus Stamp Card processing £90

Stamp Cards, Points &  Vouchers – £150

Loyalty plus Social Media and Digital Marketing start from £300

All you need to process customers is an internet connected device even 3G on your phone will do. But if you prefer to purchase a dedicated tablet, stand and security cable here are our prices:

Android Tablet Station £150

iPad Table Station  £175

We do not offer any contracts which means you can cancel your subscription at any time.  Whats more if our system does not work for you we will buy back any hardware that you have purchased. So there is really no risk to you joining this Shop Local Revolution and everything to gain from grateful and satisfied customers that love rewards!

I will be happy to come and demo our software system to you and show you how you can reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back. Just let me know what day and time is convenient for you.

Here is a link to a short video (less than 2mins) showing you how processing works – https://youtu.be/un33HLEXStM

Also here is a link to an article we featured in The Marple Review Newspaper – http://www.reviewnewspapers.co.uk/local-news/articles/2017/07/marple-introduces-loyalty-card/

We have also been featured in the Business Advice Magazine – http://businessadvice.co.uk/high-streets-initiative/a-customer-reward-scheme-generating-big-brand-loyalty-for-high-street-independents/

If you require more information please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards


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